About Me

I am Vijay and I hail from India. I was born in Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu, India. I have my roots in village Kheri (Kanti), District Mahendragarh, Haryana, India. I am a mahawar vaishaya. I dedicate this website to my roots and all my friends in this human journey. Here is the youtube video to help you pronounce mahawar.

Web Presence

I am active participant in PL/SQL Challenge. For list of quizzes authored by me click here. To visit my public profile at PL/SQL Challenge click here. I have posted some of my recorded presentations on my Youtube channel. To visit my Youtube channel click here

I like working on projects which involves lots of logic and analytical skills. In my free time I like reading books. Primarily in area of Spiritual, Motivational and Current Affairs. I believe in sharing knowledge both in my professional and personal life. I have tried to fulfill it via this website and blog.

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info@mahawar.net For general information

vijay@mahawar.net For hiring me

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